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The Levine's first lift was installed in 1998. Since that time his fleet has grown to include a 27 foot Boston Whaler on a cradle lift, a 12 foot Boston Whaler on a "Swinger" lift, and two personal water craft, also on "Swinger" lifts.

The 12 ft Boston Whaler is on a "Swinger" lift.

Both personal watercraft are also on "Swinger" lifts, allowing them to be placed on the dock for cleaning or maintenance.
These lifts are powered by a stainless steel electric motor.


"Excellent Product...
Meticulous Installation...
Outstanding Service."

That's the way Barry describes the lifts installed by LiftMasters.

The 27 foot Boston whaler sits on an aluminum 16,000 pound cradle lift with wireless remote control. It has galvanized walkways along each side of the boat, as well as platforms at the rear to allow easy access to the motors and boarding ladder.

The simple, heavy duty construction inspires confidence.

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